Tivity Cng Gas Engine Oil

Product Details:

Packaging Size (litres) 1 LTR, 5 LTR, 210 LTR
Packaging Type Barrel, Drum
Brand Tivity 
Density at 15.6Degree 0.869
Viscosity at 100 Degree Centigrade 19.3mm2/s
Viscosity Index 122
Pour Point Degree Centigrade -18
Closed Flash Point Degree Centigrade 232
Sulphated Ash (%) 0.75
TBN, mg KOH/g 5.4


Tivity CNG Gas Engine Oil is gas engine oil intended for use in light-duty vehicles running on CNG, LPG or propane. It is formulated from selected additives to provide superior detergency and dispersancy, oxidation and nitration resistance and protection against engine wear and corrosion. It exceeds the performance requirements of API SF/CD.



• Suitable for use in all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption.

• Field-proven performance in providing outstanding engine cleanliness.

• High dispersancy protects against engine sludge and varnish formation.

• Excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration.

• Protects against scuffing and wear.

• Protects against rust and corrosion.

• Protects against valve stem deposits and valve recession.

• Compatible with catalytic exhaust system fitted in the vehicle.

• Does not contain any bright stock, which can cause harmful carbon deposits.

Specification and Approvals:

• Light-duty vehicles running on CNG, LPG or propane and operating under moderate service conditions

• Other spark ignited gas engines where API SF/CD quality oils are specified.


Typical Characteristics:

Density at 15.6°C 0.869
Viscosity at 100°C mm²/s 19.3
Viscosity Index 122
Pour Point (°C) – -18
Closed Flash Point (°C) 232
Sulphated Ash (%) 0.75
TBN, mg KOH/g 5.4


  • These Oils Are Unlikely To Present Any Significant Health Or Safety Hazard When Properly Used In The Recommended Application And Good Standards Of Industrial And Personal Hygiene Are Maintained.


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