Tivity 15W40 Engine Oil

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Foot
Oil Type Conventional
Unit Pack Size 4 Piece X 1 carton box
Grade SAE
Country of Origin Made in India
Viscosity 15W40
Packaging Size Can of 5 Litre


Tivity 15W/40 is a premium quality mixed fleet engine oil recommended for use in all kinds of engines, both on and off-road and in a wide range of diesel engines. Tivity Lubricant 15W/40 has been designed to provide Premium soot dispersancy, exceptional cleanliness, and reduced oil consumption through the use of a unique combination of selected additives and base oils, and is suitable for use in normally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines.

Performance Benefits :

Tivity 15W/40 reduces maintenance and fleet operating costs. – Extended equipment life. – Ensures that the engine provides optimum performance at all times. – Controls bore polish and oil consumption. – Improved soot dispersancy will ensure a cleaner engine. – Increased engine durability. – Prevents deposits, especially in the piston ring grooves and on the lands – Continues to act efficiently for a longer time period than generally expected.



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